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The Oak Park Neighborhood Association (OPNA) was formed to work on making certain that the area benefited from the economic growth of the city and that Oak Park receive its share of city services and resources.

Oak Park Neighborhood Association works to make Oak Park the best neighborhood in Sacramento to live, work and play where diversity is valued and unity is achieved. 

Oak Park Neighborhood Association, a community building organization, serves as a resource to inform & advocate for the quality of life in our neighborhood.

OPNA works to build the finest expression of community in the Oak Park neighborhood. Its goal remains to raise the expectations not only of residents, entrepreneurs, and especially its school-age children, but also of the surrounding neighborhoods, the city, the county, and the Sacramento region as a whole.

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The Historic Center of Oak Park, 35th & Broadway, is quickly realizing the dream of new housing and commercial spaces. The Broadway Triangle Project will bring nearly 30 new homes (mix of apartments and single-family homes) and much needed retail spaces.
The resurgence of this section of Oak Park is an exciting opportunity to bring the region to our beautiful community. We are working to create a more inviting and welcoming area that will give residents and visitors a variety of choices for dining, shopping and relaxing.

Oak Park, and Sacramento, will truly benefit the most if the reduction in crime, new construction, and new businesses is shared by the entire neighborhood. Oak Park has a long and vibrant history that we embrace and cherish. Oak Park is also home to one of the most diverse populations in the United States and we value that. Working as a community, we will make certain our voices are heard as we encourage development, invite change, and protect our neighbors. It is a delicate balance to find between history and progress. OPNA is dedicated to “Creating Our Future, While Preserving Our History“.

What can we accomplish together? Anything!


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    • Hello Sumaria,

      Thank you for your note.

      To be a member of OPNA all you need to do is live or work in Oak Park.
      To be a good member, all you need to do is come to some of the monthly meetings (I’ve added your name to our reminder list), and/or visit our Website & Facebook page.
      To be an exceptional member, all you need to do is be an involved neighbor, volunteer & pitch in, form or join a Neighborhood Watch, and take an active role in your community.

      Of course, we hoping for #3.

      Hope to see you in the neighborhood,
      Michael Boyd
      OPNA President
      916-572-OPNA (6762)

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