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Our November Neighborhood Thanksgiving Potluck needs YOU!

Oak Park Neighborhood Association 

Thur, Nov. 5th: 5:30-7:45

Oak Park Community Center

3415 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Come break bread with your neighbors, meet with friends (old and new), and join us as we discuss and advocate for Oak Park.

We would love your help–Community doesn’t happen without you!  How can you volunteer?

  • Bring your neighbors and friends!
  • Consider joining us early at 5:00-5:15 to help us set up the room
  • Consider bringing a bite to eat for our potluck!
    • Turkey?
    • Stuffing?
    • Salad?
    • Yams/Potatoes?
    • Pie/Dessert?
    • Rolls/Bread?
    • Cider/Non-Alcoholic Drinks?
    • Anything you’d love to share or show off from your kitchen?

Remember, Many Hands Lighten The Load…we appreciate you!

If you would like to bring something to share or are able to help us set up early, please contact meThank you so much!

Jarrod                                                                                                                     volunteers@oakparkna.com


  • To CREATE and IMPLEMENT new volunteer opportunities to help our community (service projects, fundraisers, food/clothing drives, neighbor assistance, and more)
  • Fill volunteer slots for existing OPNA needs: (Staffing Monthly Get-Togethers, Farmer’s Market Table, and more)
  • Promote other community efforts and opportunities needing support in Oak Park (we have lots of partners in Oak Park doing wonderful things and we want to highlight their good work, too!)

What we DO:

  • Brainstorm and plan for new volunteer projects: With input from community members, committee members, and OPNA at large, we can respond to community wants and needs
  • Meet periodically in-person, as well as via e-mail, to work on projects and assess progress (as little or as often as committee members deem feasible and necessary)
  • Staff VOLUNTEER TABLE at OPNA Get-togethers: ask people for ideas and feedback, solicit volunteers to come along and join us, present OPNA and community literature
  • Communicate: Use OPNA Facebook Page, NextDoor.com, OPNA website, email & phone lists to promote volunteer opportunities/projects and continue a dialogue about how and where community members would like to volunteer

Preliminary PROJECT IDEAS: 

  • Street/Block Clean-ups (one-time or ongoing)
  • Help-A-Neighbor Crew: a group of people who can, in various sizes and needs, help a community member who comes to OPNA for help* (i.e. yard emergency, moving large objects, people needed to make a show of a support on a street or property, paint or minor repair help) *[possible legal hurdles may exist here for OPNA]
  • Food/Clothing Drives
  • Fundraisers for Local Needs/Schools
  • Door-to-Door Community Awareness Campaigns (like Volunteer Income Tax AssistanceVITA–benefits), Voter Registration Drives, etc
  • Helping gather volunteers for Picnic In The Park May 2015


Have a question or comment?  Please feel free to email me at volunteers@oakparkna.com

Thank you,

Jarrod Fischer | OPNA Volunteer Committee Chair


Volunteer Committee — 1 Comment

  1. I like the ideas posted. My skills are not in the social media realm. I’m definitely more hands-on so I’m up for all kinds of projects. Because I’m an artist, I definitely would love to see more color and art grace our lovely neighborhood. Maybe some community art projects?
    I’m willing to help make food, staff tables, clean up etc., time permitting. Our musical group “The Cat’s Meow” just played a fundraiser for Wellspring and we are open to helping out in some way.


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