Good Neighbor

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City Codes are laws established and passed by our elected City Council in an attempt to ensure that everyone will have a neighborhood that is safe, healthy and a desirable place to live”.
Code Enforcement is a necessary tool to help fight crime, maintain property values and maintain peace in our neighborhoods.
Oak Park Neighborhood Association’s goals are to preserve, protect and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. You are encouraged to make an effort to correct any of the following listed items.
If you have City questions, please contact, City Operator 311(in city limits) live person 24hrs a day to assist with City issues.
Parking on Lawn, Dirt or Gravel
It is illegal to park any vehicle, RV, travel trailer, boat/trailer, etc. on the lawn, dirt or any other unimproved surface. Park only on cement or asphalt.
Inoperable Vehicles
Any vehicle that cannot operate legally on a public street or highway must be enclosed within a structure. Vehicles parked on the driveways must be whole, complete and legally parked. All tires must be kept inflated.
Auto Repair
It is illegal to do auto repair from your home. Minor auto repair on personal vehicles (oil change, fixing flats) must be completed within 48 hours and before 10 PM. Must be registered to tenant or home owner.
Vehicles Parked on the Street
Vehicles cannot be parked on the street for more than 72 hours without being moved. Vehicles must be in running condition if parked on the street. If not moved it can towed and owner will charged.
RV’s Travel Trailers, Boats
Cannot be parked for more than 72 hours on the street.
Illegal Dumping
 It is illegal to dump anything on the street.
Storing Junk, Debris, Etc.
It is illegal to store junk, debris, etc. in public view where it can be seen from the street. Too much junk in your back yard can be reported for health and safety reason.
Blocking the Sidewalk or Street
 It is illegal to leave a basketball hoop or any other item on the sidewalk or street. City Code Officers will tag hoops and other items to be hauled away at owner’s expense.
Yards must be landscaped (lawns), and maintained on a regular basis.(not enforced right now)
Loud Music or Car Stereos
It is illegal to make loud and unnecessary or unusual noise which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood or causes discomfort or annoyance to a person of normal sensitiveness in the area.
It is illegal to allow your dog to run loose or be unattended in your front yard. Dogs must be on a leash when taken for a walk and clean up their mess. Dogs that habitually make loud noise (barking) are a public nuisance. It is your responsibility to keep your dog from barking a lot.
Parking Vehicle Facing the Opposite Direction
It is illegal to park a vehicle facing the opposite direction of traffic.
Parking a Vehicle on Sidewalk or Blocking a Private Driveway
It is illegal to park on the sidewalk or block a private driveway. It is illegal to park on the corner.
Expired Registration
 It is illegal to park a vehicle on the street without valid tags. Vehicle can be cited/and or towed and impounded without warning. All at the owner’s expense.
Help keep crime out of our neighborhood by reporting any criminal activity to the police.
Police, Non-Emergency 264 – 5471                                   Emergency (from cell phone) 732 – 0100 (city limits)