Committee Descriptions

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The backbone of OPNA is our committee structure. It is easy to want to do too much so we use our committees to stay focused on fulfilling our Mission Statement and create our Vision.
Community Outreach / Membership Committee 

  • Create and maintain Welcome Wagon to new residents and members
  • Create and maintain contact lists of Community Groups and Stakeholders to build alliances
  • Share calendars with other groups
  • Meet membership goals set by the board.
  • Develop and implement programs for increasing membership

      General Meetings’ Committee

  • Print & distribute agendas as supplied by Executive Committee
  • Hospitality– arrange for food, drink, cups, plates, etc. setup, clean up
  • Greeter–arrange for sign in, greet all guests
  • Facility–arrange and coordinate for meeting location

       Volunteer Committee

  • Maintain volunteer database
  • Welcome volunteers by phone, email or mail
  • Survey members for interests and assets
  • Coordinates with committees to determine volunteer needs
  • Assists with matching volunteers with appropriate committees

Events Committee

  • Organize Board approved events
  • Create  and submit event budgets for Board approval
  • Coordinate with Marketing & Communication’s Committee

Fund Development

  • Prospect for potential funders
  • Write grant Applications
  • Yearly Reports
  • Develop  funding plan
  • Fiscal management

Government Relations Committee

  • Attend City Council and County Supervisors’ meetings
  • Create lists of pertinent government agencies & contacts with contact information
  • Maintain list of Boards & Commissions; monitor for openings and solicit members to apply
  • Meet with & maintain relationships with elected representatives
  • Identify political issues of importance to Oak Park
  • Establish list of stakeholders to build alliances
  • Organize voter registration drives
  • Make suggestions for Board action & positions

Land Use & Planning Committeee

  • Attend SHRA RAC meetings
  • Attend Panning Commission  and Design Oversight Committee meetings
  • Arrange for early notifications
  • Establish contact lists for stakeholders; outreach to stakeholders to build alliances
  • Establish contact list for government agencies
  • Make position recommendations to Board

Marketing & Communication’s Committee

  • Maintain website
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Design email notices
  • Design materials  as needed by  committees
  • Send email s as needed by committees
  • Create marketing plan for OPNA
  • Create marketing plans as needed by committees

Parks and Green Spaces Committee 

  • Advocate for clean and safe outdoor spaces
  • Organize park and green space clean-ups
  • Work with government Parks & Rec Departments
  • Consult with community to determine most wanted uses

Community Solutions Working Group 

  • Assists residents with finding solutions to problems
  • Supplies resource material and makes connections with resources to get things done


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