March 2015 Get-Together

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We had a great March Get-Together, with more than 75 people participating!

Here is a summary of the meeting:

1. Tamika L’Ecluse is our new OPNA President! Tameka introduced the 2015 board, which includes: Bill Knowlton, Vice President; Russell Rawlings, Treasurer; Aleathea Howe, Secretary. Our past President, Michael Boyd remains on the board; along with Kimberly Moen, our past Secretary; Jarrod Fischer, our volunteer coordinator, and Rev. Ashiya Odeye. New members include Russell Rawlings, Aleathea Howe, Michael Blair and Sharon Eghigian. Joany Titherington rejoined the board, and Tom Sumpter is an Emeritus Board member. We look forward to an exciting year building on all the work we have all done!!

2. Former OPNA Board members Erik Roper and Chris Ganson shared information about a proposed New Cohousing Development in Oak Park at 39th St. and 4th Avenue. There was a General Interest Meeting on Sunday, March 8 at the First English Lutheran Church, 3860 4th Avenue. To learn more, go to the Oak Park Cohousing member blog: https//

3. Tom Colgna and David Macchiavelli discussed their proposed plans for a project at the former Made Rite/proposed Fresh and Easy site at 34th and Broadway. They are in the very early stages of planning a housing project. Nothing is definite yet, and they are look forward to working with Oak Park Neighborhood Association to ensure that the community has the opportunity to provide input and suggestions as they continue their planning. The preliminary work (permits, planning, bids, etc.) is expected to take at least 18 months, so there will be more opportunities for discussion and input.

4. Sister Judy and Genelle from Wellspring Woman’s Center shared information about their programs and services. They provide meals to 200 women and children each weekday morning, and have provide services to more than 450 children in the course of a year. Sister Judy invited people to come by Wellspring to see the Center in action. You can learn more about Wellspring, including what type of donations would be most beneficial for their clients, at

– Come on out to the opening of the new Soccer Field behind the Oak Park Community Center -the Rod Rodriguez Soccer Field on Monday, March 23 from 3:30pm. – 5:00 p.m.

– Dr. Dana Kivel shared information about a free play sponsored by the Sac State Community Engagement Center on Monday, April 13 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The play, titled Amnesia, is a story of a young man’s experience of his family history, and is told through stories, singing and dancing. For more information, contact:

SAVE THE DATE! OPNA is hosting “Picnic in the Park” on Saturday, May 2 (opening day of the Oak Park Farmers Market) from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at McClatchy Park. There will be music, food trucks, activities for the whole family and more! Stay tuned for more details.

Jarrod, OPNA’s Volunteer Coordinator, invited residents to learn more about how OPNA is bringing together volunteers to help with OPNA projects and other projects to help Oak Park. To learn more, contact Jarrod at


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