February 6, 2013 Community Meeting Notes

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Social Time

Food prepared by Sacramento Basket; Pizza supplied by Tom Sumpter; Coffee donated by Old Soul

Cops & Coffee (Tom Sumpter, Kevin Gardner, Mike Hight)

Tom Sumpter provided an overview of the history of Cops & Coffee at Oak Park meetings

Captain Kevin Gardner, East Command, reported:

    • A common element in several recent burglaries has been doors that were left unlocked.
    • Crime was down city-wide in 2013 by 10.1%.
    • Measure U has helped increase police staffing levels.
    • Stockton and Broadway were identified as areas where an increased police focus has had a positive impact.

Sergeant Mike Hight, patrol, introduced himself and reported:

    • Having a well-lit residence with trimmed landscaping helps deter crime.
    • Sgt. Hight responded to questions from the membership.

OPNA Announcements (Michael Boyd, President)

  •  Michael Boyd introduced OPNA board members.
  • Monthly OPNA meetings will be moved to the Food Bank, starting in March.

Elections (Bill Knowlton, Vice President)

  • OPNA’s board member elections are staggered so that each year different positions come up for reelection.
  • Candidates apply prior to the general membership meetings; the board then assembles a slate and presents it to the membership for voting.
  • Candidates must attend 3 meetings in the past 12 months and submit their application in advance. This is an all-volunteer, unpaid board.
  • The monthly board meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.
  • Information can be reached at 572-OPNA(6762). Applications and printed materials will be available at future general meetings.
  • Discussion followed. There was a motion to table discussion; the motion was seconded and was carried.

The following slate was presented and confirmed by the membership:

  • Tamika L’Ecluse
  • Jarrod Fischer
  • Michael Boyd

Guest Announcements

  • Penni (PetSytlista): has launched a new dog-grooming business, and will be having an open house on Saturday.
  • Ron: goes regularly to city council meetings, and encourages others to go with him to support reducing murder.
  • Zerben: has started a Zynergy Center in Sacramento for people interested in identifying skills that can help make them money.
  • Thom: presented upcoming library programs, which can be found at

http://www.saclibrary.org/Home/Events/. This month the library is featuring iPad

Storytimes (the first in Sacramento), and a community Seed Swap and Gardening Workshop on February 22nd.

  • Tamika: heart crafts made at this meeting will go to support children at the UC Davis

Medical Center, Sutter, and other locations.

Presentation:  Broadway Triangle Project (Ron Vrilakas)

  • Ron gave a power point presentation on the Broadway Triangle and took questions from the membership.
  • The site is on Broadway between 34th and 35th, and is constructing 29 residential homes, with 19 homes for sale and 10 apartments to rent.
  • The project includes two ~2500 sq ft locations for restaurants, including the historic Gostick building, and three to six 450 to 850 sq ft retail locations.
  • The first three homes have been built and sold.
  • The meeting then divided into groups to discuss their vision for the Broadway Triangle, and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Gruneisen

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